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Cornish Whispers

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Blake's Creations

It's not surprising that by 7 years old Blake had set up his first business. He had been coming to work with us to our traditional toyshop (Toyday) since he was just a week old. He used to help us sell many of our traditional baby toys by demonstrating them in our shop, a spinning top in one hand, a jack in the box the other.

He's quite comfortable coming with us to our shops at the weekends, although when we opened a new shop at Mount Edgcumbe House on the Rame peninsular, Blake found this to be boring because we had no internet connection there, and so he started to make some things to keep himself entertained. He made himself a magic wand from some sellotape, rubber tape and paper he found around the shop, and some "chalk rocks" he scavenged from outdoors. He also made some rubber balls and sellotape balls. Then he made himself an open sign from some cardboard and asked if he could take my stool outside to display his home made & natural things on.

He sat and waited all afternoon, but didn't sell a single thing, so in the car on the way home, we discussed the reasons why, and decided that perhaps he needed to make some things that people might find a bit more useful. He started talking about possible ideas, and thus Blake's Creations was born....

After school in the afternoons that following week, Blake set to work designing some new products in his sketchbook. His first makes included a smiley face keyring, and a stick-man badge. He also made some "I love Mt. Edgcumbe" Fridge magnets. We found an old fold up table, and Blake couldn't wait to set up his stall in the morning. Before I had even opened up my shop, Blake came running up to me excitedly exclaiming "I've just made my first sale!" A couple minutes later, he made another. You can see how proud he was in this picture taken at that moment.

Naturally, due to his ambition he has now requested for his own website, and so we have given him his whole section at