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Cornish Whispers

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Natural Wax Finishes

Nearly all of our wooden creations are finished to a high standard with a natural beeswax polish and buffed to a light sheen, to give a quality finish, yet still maintaining its rustic nature and bringing out the natural grain of the wood. We always use and recommend a branded high quality range of waxes and finishes, such as Osmo, Bri-wax or Fiddes.

What colour finishes can I choose from?

Most of our wooden  creations are available in a choice of up to four colour finishes. Choose the colour which you feel will suit the style of your room best. Here are the colour swatches below in order to help you decide.

ColourSwatchShadeProducts Available in this Colour

Aged Birch

The Lightest ShadeThe majority of our wooden products are available in this finish. Engraved areas are brought out nicely with this wax finish.

Tudor Oak

A Rich Medium BrownA popular choice; many of our creations are available in Tudor Oak. Engraving can contrast well with light or dark text on this finish.

Antique Mahogany

A Medium Shade of Brown with a Reddish Hint

A limited range of our designs are available in Spanish Mahogany finish. Engraved areas are subtle and have a low contrast with this finish


Very Dark BrownA limited range of our designs are available in Walnut finish. Exposed light engraved areas contrast well, but waxed engraved areas would not show up well.

If you would like a product in a colour that's not listed against it then please ask. We can usually accommodate this request at no extra charge.

Outdoor Protection

None of our products are recommended for outdoor use, unless they are protected with suitable finish. We can add an exterior protection to many of our creations whilst maintaining the natural wax rustic finish which will protect it from rain water and ultra-violet rays from the sun. This will prevent the work from greying and deteriorating, and for maximum protection we recommend that a suitable branded UV-protection oil is applied once every year or two to maintain the protection and good looks of your art. Our finish topped up with this oil will not blister, crack or peel and should protect your artwork for many years to come.

Outdoor protection is only currently available on our rustic and pallet wall arts, and bespoke commissions.

How do I continue to care for my wooden artwork?

Caring for your wooden wall art

Interior Wall Art

Taking care of and keeping your wooden wall art is very simple. All it requires is dusting with a soft dry lint free cloth occasionally. Intricately cut areas,are best done with a cotton bud or feather duster, after laying your piece down on a flat table taking care not to catch the feathers in the design. This should be enough to maintain the natural colour and sheen of your art.

If, after a few years your artwork is lacking lustre, then it can be rejuvenated with a thin application of a high quality branded wax finish, such as Bri-wax, Fiddes or Osmo. This is applied with a soft cloth and a fine artists paint brush for the intricate areas, left to dry and then polished and buffed to a sheen by following the instructions above. A reapplication of wax will also fill any light surface scratches. Deep scratches can be filled in with a natural beeswax prior to waxing.

Exterior Wall Art

To keep your exterior wall art in tip-top condition, we recommend that a suitable high quality branded UV-protection oil is applied with a soft brush or cloth once every year or two to maintain the protection and good looks of your art. To increase the contrast of any engraved areas in your wall art, then a high quality coloured wax can be applied prior to the uv protection oil.

If you have any questions on the finish and care of your Cornish Whispers creations then please do not hesitate to get in touch and we'll be happy to help.